It took 3 months to create a fresh American pastoral style. Culture stone TV wall is best.

Before, there was no experience in decoration, decoration of house is also first time, whole family leaves, every detail is very carefully coordinated with designer, hard decoration is done in 3 months, and furniture and appliances are ventilated at a later period, and building is completed Green- American-style blue fresh and rustic style The TV wall is installed with cultural stones Overall warm and atmospheric, casual and comfortable All relatives praise beauty, and real completion scene is shown!

First, let's look at floor plan. This is a relatively well organized room with three bedrooms and two living rooms.

This is a panorama of a living room, a TV wall clad in cultured stone, with a rough character and a laid-back American-style atmosphere.

The background wall of sofa is made of wallpaper and bottom layer of diatomaceous earth in general. The floor is completely paved with antique tiles combined with a black leather sofa for a warm and casual effect.

The ceiling is a box ceiling, which is very popular now, suitable for American style or simple style, and generally very comfortable.

From living room is dining room. Most of walls have been removed and replaced with glass windows, sliding doors or hinged doors, all of which are glass surfaces. The white frame is decorated with green diatomaceous mud, and dining table and chairs are made of dark American solid wood, restaurant is like a garden restaurant, with a good view, and dining atmosphere has become especially warm and emotional.

In kitchen, glass sliding doors create an entire white cabinet.

The aisle is also used and all sinks in bathroom are made in aisle to make full use of space.

The background wall of master bedroom is decorated with wallpaper and stucco lines. The walls are painted in light blue with soft tones and an elegant atmosphere.

The children's room is a bit more colorful and belongs to main green full of children's colors.

This is a bathroom that is completely separate from wet and dry. There is a washbasin outside, and handrails are decorated with mosaics, which is especially American retro. The bathroom inside is also separated by glass, clean and refreshing, so fashionable!

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Before, there was no experience in decoration, decoration of house is also first time, whole family leaves, every detail is very carefully coordinated with designer, hard decoration is done in 3 months, and furniture and appliance...
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