The single apartment is decorated like this, and 39㎡ is also decorated in style of a luxury home. This effect explodes value of appearance.

Small houses have become popular in recent years. Most single young men and women have strength to buy a small house to live in on their own. Compared to renting a house with a monthly mortgage, it's still a sense of belonging. for your own home. Naturally, you can't take your eyes off decor. Take a look at this 39 m² studio apartment built in an authentic retro Scandinavian style with white walls, bare walls and cement walls. I think here is a very high-end Cottage There is also a mansion style, this effect explodes appearance!

This is a plan of a small apartment. The area is small, and there are only two large rooms. The dining room and kitchen are combined, while bedroom and living room are combined. This is layout of apartment. all House. .

The entrance hall is not large, wall is covered with vertical striped wallpaper, which is stretched to prevent height, hangers are installed, it is very convenient to pack coats and shoes when entering house.

The dining room and kitchen are combined. What is good about old apartment is that there are many windows and very good lighting. The main color is black, white and grey. Cabinets are also custom made. True, smaller house, more attention should be paid to storage.

Corner cabinets are installed in cabinets. The separate kitchen space is small, but when combined with dining room, it becomes much more spacious. Wall cabinets are all upstairs. Currently, young families rarely cook, and mostly Yes, you can also not choose aluminum scarves for decorating a stretch ceiling, which saves money and looks better with a restaurant.

This is a panoramic effect of kitchen, area is not large, but it looks very fresh and energetic.

Inside single layout of bedroom and living room. The house is specially made in passage, with fewer doors, and whole layout is very transparent. .

There is no TV wall opposite sofa in living room, and entire side wall is a bare red brick wall, which is very retro.

What's even more amazing is that TV is mounted directly on wall between two windows. Now TV can be stretched out and watching TV is very comfortable, making most of wall.

The background wall of sofa is made of cement, surface is processed, it is relatively smooth, not rough, and also has a Nordic freshness when combined

The bed is placed right against wall, there is no bedside table, and partition is installed directly on wall. Such a small storage is very interesting.

Of course, although living room and bedroom are combined, privacy should be considered relatively, and one side of curtain can be drawn directly. Usually curtain can be drawn right in daytime, and there are two relatively independent spaces.

The bathroom is smaller and separate shower installed is only a folding style that can be tucked away at any time without taking up common space. The bathroom cabinet is small and exquisite. Although bathroom is small, separation of dry and wet is also very important. Do you think this is a single? How about an apartment?

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