It took 3 months to hard finish and furniture is quite nice and I remember to air dry it

Repair is not a trivial matter. In addition to buying a house and a car, decorating is almost third most important thing. This also costs a lot of money. In future, family will live in a stable home, so decoration must also be very careful. The new house is a three-bedroom house of 128 square meters. The house is a bungalow with a relatively small total area. There is still enough practical space. I like simple and beautiful style. Rigid finishing also It took 3 months to complete. It has some mixed elements and is more Scandinavian. The style is beautiful, hard finish is simple and elegant, and furniture is quite beautiful. It's dry and I don't forget to post graduation photos!

This is original floor plan, except that restaurant balcony is open to expand restaurant space, and rest is largely unchanged.

This is a relatively simple lobby. The whole house is painted light grey, simple yet stylish.

The porch built-in closet, mounted on other side, is filled with upper and lower cabinets, leaving a middle table in middle that can be used to place keys etc., which is also more convenient.

After entering, this is living room. There is no chic uniform here, but it looks very comfortable and feels like home.

The background wall of sofa is decorated with just three decorative paintings. The gray suede sofa is very high-end, and black coffee table is filled with high-quality texture.

The TV wall is decorated with a solid background, dark khaki and coffee tones, and TV itself is hung on wall, which is simple but beautiful and durable.

The living room and balcony are connected directly, and glass partitions are installed to create an exclusive space for washing and drying outside, which is very practical.

That is, diverting water to balcony costs a little money to repair the hydroelectric power station, but compared to this, it's worth it.

There is enough built-in space to accommodate a two-door refrigerator.

The dining room features a simple black and white dining table and chairs, and marble top is simple yet elegant.

In order to keep the kitchen open and bright, a glass sliding door is installed to create a visual effect of open space, but it can also prevent oil fumes from entering.

The master bedroom is very simple, all wardrobes are finished products, and walls are painted with diatomaceous earth, which is more environmentally friendly.

The bed in second bedroom is same as one in master bedroom and windows are same size. There is a set of wall cabinets on side, which is simple and practical.

With exception of a smaller area, this is almost a copy of master bedroom.

The study's entire custom tatami combo cabinet is also storage space under bed. It is temporarily used as an office, and can also be used as a temporary guest bedroom if there are guests in study. future.

There are two bathrooms, main bathroom is a bit smaller with a separate shower room which is a little more compact but overall much cleaner and tidier. What do you think about this effect, is it worth pretending for three months?

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