Simple outfit = bad outfit? This is a big mistake, look at Scandinavian style 50,000 pack, isn't that a slap in face?

In eyes of many people, a simple decoration should mean that they don't want to spend more money on decoration, but simply want to just finish decoration. To put it bluntly, everyone thinks that decorating a house = bad decoration. In fact, this is not case. Many simple decorations make high demands on texture of materials, and choice of color is more fashionable and upmarket. The so-called simple beauty appears in many casual empty spaces. This set of 50,000 Ready Scandinavian style is minimal and elegant, and there is a fresh feeling in logs. It is cost-effective, is this your dish?

The walls are all white, there is a set of floor-to-ceiling bookcases in a small corner of sofa, and on ground is a lazy sofa, a very comfortable seating area.

The restaurant is designed as a functional two-in-one area as a whole, with folding dining tables and chairs and a bar by window, all made of logs, fresh and beautiful.

In general, living room is open and spacious, and lighting in living room is very good, although there is no balcony, but direct windows are still very light, and small living room looks quite spacious.

The background wall is still very good. The bare wall is directly on wall, and then I-shaped background wall is made of wooden planks.

Beige white with log color and then embellished with fruity green, Scandinavian style is full of vitality and freshness, and room is filled with fresh breath of nature.

The wooden tables and chairs located by window are made in a simple style. Such a table can be bought for more than 100 yuan, it is easy to use and inexpensive.

Behind is a whole wall of wooden bookcases. The log lattice is simple and full of book fragrance, and effect is also good, especially showing vitality of young people.

Looking at entire entrance and dining area from living room, area is small and decoration is very simple, there is a built-in shoe cabinet in hallway, and the storage space is also very good.

The two bedrooms are made of log beds and furniture, and built-in wardrobes are made of white, as are wardrobes on veranda, harmonious and unified, full of freshness, like living room. This effect is 50,000 yuan, which is simple, but is it really poor clothes?

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