The post-modern style, which cost more than 100,000 yuan, is really luxurious and beautiful after completion.

In fact, in hearts of most people after 70s and after 80s, they really like not simple and beautiful Scandinavian style, but this post-modern style, which can represent preferences and tastes of many young and middle-aged people. But decoration, after all, is not cheap. Take a look at this post-modern set, which cost over 100,000 yuan to decorate.

The living room is decorated in white and gray tones, floor is covered with wooden floors, and there is no chic ceiling, but effect is still beautiful.

Most people want their home to be both practical and beautiful. The TV wall is also built directly into TV cabinet. The white cabinet has a large capacity, and appearance of keys is also very beautiful.

The kitchen and dining area are both combined and separate, and restaurant is also purpose-built as a restaurant area where Western cuisine is combined. The sink is specially installed, dry and wet bathroom separation and invisible door design makes you invisible.

The background wall is made of black glass, and mirror effect also has a visual sense of expansion. In most postmodern style, there are also many glass mirror decorations that create a metallic texture!

The dining room and kitchen are also separated by a mirror glass sliding door. Even a small room of 89 square meters can look very spacious~

The kitchen is actually quite small, divided by glass sliding doors and fitted with white cabinets inside that echo custom cabinets on TV wall.

The bathroom is separated from wet and dry, if such an invisible door is not opened, you probably won't be able to see it, right?

The interior also includes partitions, shower area is separated by glass sliding doors, and bathroom is kept dry and tidy~

The master bedroom is relatively simple, with almost four white floors. The log bed is matched with a white wardrobe and fabric bedding, fresh and comfortable.

The study and second bedroom is a combined study with tatami, built as a single unit. It can be used as an independent study, and in future it will be convenient to convert it into a children's room. Such an effect should not only be liked after 70s and after 80s, right?

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