Spend 100,000 yuan on a soft decoration to create a simple and beautiful forest style, this kind of filter style will be warm and romantic.

In our time, simple decoration is more attractive. The hard finish of new 108 sqm house I bought is relatively simple. The ceiling has a very new form of drywall interlayer, and cost is relatively low. The bottom box type is more convenient, does not affect floor height, and effect is very elegant. Rigid decoration is based on a combination of white and green. Later, 100,000 yuan was spent to create a simple and beautiful forest-style soft decoration. Real photos without filters are just as beautiful as those with filters. Show off your graduation photos!

The porch wardrobe is custom made. All wardrobes in house are light green, fresh and natural, and you can feel warmth and relaxation of house when you walk in door.

This is overall effect of living room. There is no special ceiling installed. A single piece of mezzanine is made from top to bottom of drywall, which is equivalent to thickening wall, but effect is same as ultra-thin ceiling.Beautiful.

The floor tiles are cement gray self leveling and background wall is painted light green, which looks fresh and eye catching.

The kitchen floor of antique striped tiles combined with green cabinetry is nostalgic.

The dining table and chairs are simple style, wooden board + wrought iron table legs, which is very suitable for Nordic style, simple and beautiful style.

The design of bathroom is just super. The bathroom cabinet is made to order. Most of all I like glass partition installed in shower area. It is very retro and also allows you to achieve the effect of separation of dry and wet.

The bedroom is also customizable with a range of wardrobes, and even bed is customizable as a whole too. There is plenty of storage space under the bed, which is very practical.

There is a bay window in office. After expanding bay window, it turns into a tatami in form of a box. The lower part can be used for storage and can also be used as a small seating area. Even if decoration is simple, it can still show a sense of luxury. You say?

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In our time, simple decoration is more attractive. The hard finish of new 108 sqm house I bought is relatively simple. The ceiling has a very new form of drywall interlayer, and cost is relatively low. The bottom box type is more ...
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