A large 142㎡ three-bedroom bungalow has been completed, simple and beautiful Nordic combination of retro and fashion, effect is comparable to model number.

In past two years, simple and beautiful style, as well as Scandinavian style, have gained particular popularity. Many internet celebrities' homes are almost decorated with these styles, which are family friendly, warm and trendy. Today it is 142 sq. The three bedroom finish style is a direct choice of two. The style is mixed and matched, fresh and trendy, with some retro vibe that can't be ignored. The effect is really comparable to a model room. Take a look at graduation photos!

The house is sloping and type of house is not so correct. The designer planned well and slope of master bedroom was used to maximum. Although there is enough space in house, it must be fully used.

The floor tiles in entryway are done in an old-fashioned graffiti style, a full-length mirror is installed on wall, and a set of wooden partitions are installed between living room and living room, which are transparent and can maintain a clear layout of room.

Starting from entrance, living room moved to floor, and furniture was all bought from logs, which is quite Scandinavian in general.

This is overall effect of living room. Not only is TV wall a TV cabinet, but a set of cabinets is installed in aisle on side of sofa for storage. The effect is still very good.

The design of TV cabinet throughout the living room is very Scandinavian: not only is it beautiful, but it also has super storage space.

The whole wall of kitchen is covered with white tiles, combined with custom-made white cabinets, which looks fresh and fashionable, and appearance of the kitchen is very high.

There is a window between dining room and kitchen, and dining room is directly built into cubicle. It is also a restaurant design often used in American and Scandinavian styles.

The cabinet is independent while maintaining spaciousness of interior. The white-framed glass sliding door is installed directly on door, making it much more transparent and bright.

The master bedroom has floor-to-ceiling curved windows with sweeping views. This is a homely environment that many urban families enjoy.

The second bedroom is a little smaller and simply decorated, so it is very convenient for parents to live in it.

The design of corner bed in children's room is very suitable for current two-child family. Suitable for both a boy and a girl. There is a small cabinet under top bed, which is very practical.

The room has two bathrooms. This is a guest bathroom, which is also separated from wet and dry. The shower area is equipped with a glass partition. The gray and white color scheme is still very attractive. Do you think this combination and matching style is good?

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