Simple and beautiful three-bedroom style designed by Bao Ma for 8000 yuan, children's room is so cute, fresh and elegant, beautiful.

For moms and dads who are renovating and renovating their new homes, focus will be on protecting environment, especially in design of children's rooms. Today I will show you two simple and beautiful three-bedroom houses built by moms. The house is a used house, child is getting older and needs a separate private room, so he specifically spent 8,000 yuan on design fee to update original decoration, and layout of house was also slightly changed. finished effect is very good, fresh and elegant, especially children's room. It's so cute and beautiful, just look at it and you'll know it!

The overall color is high-quality gray, and overall combination is fresh and trendy. The color combination of this combination sofa is very American.

The design of TV wall is also very individual. The background wall is framed with hard packs, and two sides are made of drywall, and then decorated with plaster lines and pasted with metal lines. High-end effect and textured.

Although whole living room is small, it looks very luxurious.

The round dining table and chairs are different from other American style dining tables and chairs. This style is relatively Chinese and classical, and it is also very beautiful.

The main color of master bedroom is also grey. In general, gray tone matches white, which is very easy to match. The orange color is very warm and advanced, which is very romantic.

The second bedroom is very girly. Bedside tables are made in style of an office. The wardrobes on both sides are very practical, adding plenty of storage space to bedroom.

This is a children's room for children. It uses window space to create a tatami cabinet. It's pink and white, and even bedside lamp is very cute.

The bathroom is separated from wet and dry. The sink is right outside bathroom. The cabinets are also made to order. Countertops are all imported marble. The decoration effect is beautiful, and quality is also very good.

The kitchen is not too spacious, overall gray and white color scheme, U-shaped white cabinets, gray quartz countertops, very textured. What do you think of such a simple and beautiful three bedroom house?

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For moms and dads who are renovating and renovating their new homes, focus will be on protecting environment, especially in design of children's rooms. Today I will show you two simple and beautiful three-bedroom houses built by m...
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