My best friend's new American-style house has been installed, restaurant is romantic and beautiful, and TV wall is creative, you probably haven't seen this before

Most of generation after 80s experienced a period when industrial American style was popular in home decor industry. What I like most is industrial American style LOFT where they live together. It was also at beginning of LOFT has also become a home that young white-collar workers in large cities want to buy. My best friend is one of them. Although I did not buy LOFT, decoration style is also industrial American style. The dining room and sofa wall are decorated with cultural bricks. The effect is romantic and beautiful. The TV wall is a little floating. The effect is retro, even old TV is placed, seen?

Looking towards entrance and dining area from living room, cultural bricks on back wall are still very inviting. Overall, this is a retro and industrial style with an American laid-back temperament.

This is overall effect of living room. The balconies also open up and tables and chairs are placed on them to relax. It is also good as a seating area without drying too much.

The TV is so interesting. There is a set of solid wood decorations on wall. I almost never saw such decoration on TV wall. Even an old TV that has been stored for 10 years is put on.

The lamps in living room are very beautiful. These are horned lamps popular in American style. There are many of them on Internet and they are easy to buy.

A set of built-in wardrobes is also installed on back wall of sofa, which is convenient for displaying photos as a showcase, and also has a decorative effect.

The background wall of restaurant is also adorned with cultural bricks, purpose-built booths, decorative wall paintings, ceiling fans, and wrought-iron wine racks, all very classic American elements.

The kitchen is so individual. Cabinets with double finishing. Wall tiles - white bread bricks. Boldly used pink tiles. The combination of white powder is very cute and the kitchen looks girly.

The master bedroom is small in size and has a custom-made full-wall wardrobe. The background wall is made of colorful floor-length wallpaper that is so realistic it's usually invisible.

The composition of daughter's room is very colorful and fashionable. There are only three colors on wall, white latex paint, gray coffee floor and wall, and bay window is covered with sky blue wooden cabinets. iron bed and white cabinets, whole bedroom looks very lively and stylish.

The dressing room is decorated with tatami mats, wardrobes and small sofas that can be turned into guest rooms.

The shower area in bathroom is not separated from wet and dry, but tiles on back wall are still very much alive. The blue tile is also paired with brightly patterned tiles, which is very refreshing and romantic. playful design will make the house more beautiful Are you alive?

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Most of generation after 80s experienced a period when industrial American style was popular in home decor industry. What I like most is industrial American style LOFT where they live together. It was also at beginning of LOFT has...
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