Renovate a 149㎡ large used house with three bedrooms, all-inclusive solid furniture 160,000 and 120,000, it's really stylish.

I've built up some savings over past few years, have a baby in family, my parents are retired, and I like staying with my kids, so I just sold my previous house and replaced it with this 149. ㎡ Big house with three bedrooms, Although it is a second-hand house is not bad after renovation, especially in a mature community, and the surrounding amenities are also very complete.

It is rare to find such a mosaic tile in antique tiles.

Although furniture is not a complete set, all are old solid wood furniture selected in store. The first is environmental protection, and second is feeling of life, and style is also very beautiful.

Besides solid wood furniture, there are also some simple, beautiful and stylish sofas that go well together.

The dining room is made from solid wood dining tables and chairs. Families are very pleased to sit and dine together.

All side cabinets are ready-made cupboards. From side walls to bay windows, all cabinets and countertops are custom-made, beautiful and practical.

The cabinet is mint green, casual and fresh, which fits in very well with American style.

This is a children's room. The room is quite spacious, with a bay window and lockers and countertops. Also a small tatami with a cabin. There is ample storage space in upper cabinets at end of bed.

The layout of master bedroom is similar to nursery, with bay windows, but furniture has been replaced with dark solid wood, which is very comfortable.

This is parent's room. The space is not as big as master bedroom, but lighting is very good, it's transparent and bright, and parents feel comfortable.

The bathroom is not only equipped with a shower room, but also has a bathtub design. It is very convenient to take a shower or take a bath. The separation of dry and wet is very practical. What do you need to think about this effect?

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