Sunshine just moved into a new house for a week, Scandinavian style mix and match is very attractive, all inclusive 160,000, is it worth it?

The new house has just moved in for a week and decoration is also designed to keep out of trouble. He directly contracted a finishing company to make whole package. The hard finishing contract is RMB 78,000 including all hard finishing. work and materials, and then buying furniture, appliances, decorations, etc. Pretending to be Scandinavian mixed style, which is still very attractive, cost only 90,000 yuan. Parents say it's quite practical, and after graduation photos of whole house!

The TV wall is quite simple, it doesn't have a fancy shape, and older people don't like it. Directly pasted white cultural bricks have a good effect, and art is fresh.

The balcony in living room is very small, it is directly built into living area, and there is also a set of tea tables for relaxing, relatives come to drink tea and chat, it's very nice

The spatial layout of living room is still very practical. I did not buy a large modular sofa. On side there is a place to install a set of wall cabinets to top, and then put a set of small bar counters, which is still very emotional.

The background wall of sofa is not framed, but decorated with decorative paintings, effect is still very good.

The porch cabinets are also made to order, there is a set of shoe cabinets up to top, and middle and bottom are left empty, which is more convenient for storing shoes at home.

The dining room is a separate space, and balcony is also used to create a companion for washing machine, which is also very convenient for placing washing machine.

The gray wall and floor tiles in bathroom are placed on a white countertop, round and beautiful, showing vitality of home.

Custom kitchen cabinets are not big brands, so it's good to be practical.

The shower area is equipped with a glass partition to separate dry and wet environments. The family has a large number of people, and division is relatively clean and tidy.

The background wall of master bedroom is painted in gray tones, which blends better with furniture and looks a little warmer and cozier.

The children's room is relatively small, with a bay window, it is more convenient for children to live in it.

This is second bedroom, parent's room, closet is same as master bedroom, it is made like upper closet, and storage space is more powerful.

Last photo in the daytime, how do you like this decoration, is it very homely?

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