Visiting relatives' new home in third room, whole house is elegant and simple, and hallway wine cabinet design is too individual

My aunt's family bought a big new house with three bedrooms. It has long been installed, ventilated and did not move. They seem to have started moving in last two days. The whole house is simple and simple style. It looks very special. Showing class, especially porch cabinet design, directly transferred to Duobao Pavilion wine cabinet design, it is too individual, I really envy!

The floor of lobby is paved with oval shaped mosaics, and ceiling also echoes floor, which creates a very atmospheric effect, and it is very beautiful when you enter door. On side is Duobao Pavilion wine cabinet, which was set up directly on site, and effect is quite beautiful.

The whole house is designed in a minimalist style, with a simple and atmospheric color scheme. The TV wall is black and white, with black glass and white porcelain panels, and around edge is a wooden screen in form of wood, which is very popular in past few years. The simple shape design looks very beautiful now.

Look at this group of wine cabinets in Duobao Pavilion. The tiered cabinets upstairs are designed to be stacked horizontally and crosswise, which is especially beautiful.

The tea table and TV stand also match TV wall. They are all in black and white, and top is also made of black glass, which is very transparent and easy to clean.

It is also directly connected to balcony, and a light yellow strip is hidden on ceiling, which makes night warmer.

The sofa is a very comfortable sofa-space capsule, it costs a little money, but family lives on, and comfort is most important thing.

The restaurant is made of dark solid wood dining tables and chairs, with a small balcony and good lighting. The space is small but looks bright enough.

The glass sliding doors installed between kitchen and kitchen now have an open structure and lighting of each room can be integrated together.

The kitchen is also black and white, and wall tiles and cabinetry are done in white, which looks fresh and natural.

The bathroom is quite large, and room inside is an inner and outer room, washbasin and vanity are an area, and shower area inside is also divided by glass, which is more completely separated from wet and dry.

This is my aunt's own room. It is relatively simple, mapping is a little deeper, which makes it more stable.

The study is a separate space, and bay window is quite western

This is my cousin's wedding room, very fashionable, with a round bay window, very dreamy.

If you put a group of sofas for relaxation in this way, then you can admire landscape and chat, how convenient it is.

The master bedroom also has an ensuite bathroom, which is equivalent of a small suite. The glass wall is also equipped with curtains, making it more private. The decoration is actually quite simple, not chic, but very attractive, don't you think?

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