I bought a three-room apartment for my parents on ground floor. Simple decoration is also good. Open kitchen is too bright

My parents are old and want to live with them for easy care so I bought this three bedroom house on ground floor. good, so open floor plan looks brighter. It took three months to install. Graduation photo of whole house!

There is no separate entrance, and a set of upper and lower cabinets was installed end-to-end using kitchen wall. As a shoe cabinet, it is still a bit roomy. A booth specially installed in restaurant can also help store shoes downstairs.

The dining room still has a small window that looks like a cubicle, and side wall uses a window sill to frame a cabinet that works just fine as a sideboard.

Looking at living room from dining room, walls are almost all white and background wall is decorated with a photo wall. Despite simplicity, it looks grandiose.

This is overall effect of living room. Although it is not an old-fashioned combination sofa, effect is still good, it is more simple and modern.

The TV wall stays empty and TV stand is a combo style that can be pulled up. Regardless of width of wall, it can completely shade background wall.

The kitchen is made according to an open scheme, overall U-shaped cabinets are installed, white cabinets make space more spacious and bright.

The master bedroom is same as living room, with four white floors, with a small tatami bay window and a pantry underneath, which is very practical.

All wardrobes are made entirely to order, in order to save space, sliding doors are installed.

The second bedroom is parents' room. This was originally master bedroom. They prefer storage space. In addition to customizing an entire wall of wardrobes with sliding doors, even a small bathroom has been freed up to create a walk-in closet with more storage space. .

The space of a long strip of study with a small desk located by window may gradually transform into a children's room in future, but now it is mainly used as an office.

There is only one bathroom, shower room is equipped with glass sliding doors, walls and floor are covered with gray tiles, with a white bath it looks neater and more fashionable!

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My parents are old and want to live with them for easy care so I bought this three bedroom house on ground floor. good, so open floor plan looks brighter. It took three months to install. Graduation photo of whole house! There is...
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