140,000 yuan was spent on decoration of new house with an area of ​​88 square meters. The wallpaper of whole house is fashionable and atmospheric. Relatives praised model house

This is family's first home. All savings in family were bought. Finishing was never meant to be a simple finish in beginning. My wife likes American style most. The decoration is made by her and designer "Yes, hard finish, including soft finish, cost 140,000 yuan. The whole house is covered with American-style wallpaper. I am very pleased with effect of decoration. I have not officially moved in yet. Relatives who come to Wenju say that effect is more beautiful than room model, and actual completion scene is shown. !

The floor is covered with laminate. The overall effect of living room is visible from dining room. Now it is fully furnished. The American style dining table and chairs are very stately, and they used to be often seen in American style model rooms. .

The whole house is covered with wallpaper, and next to dining room there is a built-in wardrobe, which is beautiful and practical as a sideboard.

The passage leading to bedroom is decorated with arched entrances, even if there is no decoration, effect is very beautiful.

The TV wall is also relatively simple. The background wall is covered with wallpaper, while surroundings are decorated with white veneer panels. The exterior is not bad and it has a warm feeling of being at home.

There are simple stretch ceilings on top surface, and effect of bottom box is very grand, and top corners are specially edged with plaster lines, which looks more upscale.

The azure blue fabric sofa I bought is made from British plaid fabric, which looks very American and casual.

There is no molding on background wall of sofa, but there are three decorative paintings hanging on it, and effect is also very good.

The whole house in master bedroom is also covered with green wallpaper, and curtains are also green double-layered cotton curtains, fresh and generous.

The kitchen has glass sliding doors to let light from kitchen windows into room, U-shaped cabinets have been installed, and beige tiles are paired with white cabinets. very bright and fresh! What do you think of this effect?

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This is family's first home. All savings in family were bought. Finishing was never meant to be a simple finish in beginning. My wife likes American style most. The decoration is made by her and designer "Yes, hard finish, includi...
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