The wedding hall should be decorated in Chinese style, with suspended ceiling and shape. It costs more than 130,000 yuan. Does it look good?

It's not that I don't like Chinese style. I have always believed that young people's wedding rooms should be fresh and trendy, bright and decorated with mother-in-law. Most Chinese styles are wooden molds and decorations. , and solid wood can be used., are more environmentally friendly, so I heard that this three-bedroom house has a false ceiling and shape, and many custom-made wardrobes that cost more than 130,000 yuan.?

This is overall effect of living room: floor is paved with beige tiles, TV wall is also decorated with tiles and black glass, balcony is open, and entrance is made of solid wood. also specially installed with a set of writing cabinets. The openness of cabinet is quite practical.

The balcony is still very spacious and also has a wooden ceiling that really resembles a large terrace for relaxing.

This is a custom-made writing desk, an open study combined with a living room, very bright.

The dining room and living room are same, but there is a passage in middle. The kitchen is equipped with glass sliding doors which are combined cabinet walls, with sliding doors in middle and cupboards upstairs on both sides. The single material is still very attractive.

The false ceiling is same as in living room. Such sideboards and entrance cabinets are combined with sliding doors in middle. Although color is a little old fashioned, overall it is still great.

The kitchen is equipped with overall cabinets of same shape. Burgundy cabinets are paired with beige wall and floor tiles. She is clean and tidy. This kitchen is still very spacious and bright.

The master bedroom is very majestic, like a separate bedroom. When you enter door, you will see a full wall walk-in closet, opposite main bathroom and then a separate bedroom. This combination The room is made of massive wooden cabinets and door frames. The tone is still not as sweet and romantic, but effect is still very seductive.

The bathroom is not equipped with a separate shower room, it is a bathtub that is planned to be installed at a later stage, and sewerage and upper plumbing are reserved, installation is just waiting! How about this puppy as a wedding room?

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It's not that I don't like Chinese style. I have always believed that young people's wedding rooms should be fresh and trendy, bright and decorated with mother-in-law. Most Chinese styles are wooden molds and decorations. , and so...
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