Newlyweds on October 1st, wedding room just moved, 79㎡ Scandinavian two-bedroom all-inclusive package costs less than 60,000 and sun is shining.

I just got married on October 1st and wedding hall was installed in June. Since completion of project, I have been buying furniture, upholstered furniture, etc. Now I have just moved into a new house. House Small, just two-room 79 square meters and that's it. Small house almost used up all savings of two families. Finally, it is decorated in a Scandinavian style, and whole package costs less than 60,000 yuan. Done, warm up whole house!

There is no porch when entering door. A set of small cabinets and a full-length mirror are placed near door, and a set of porch cabinets is placed against wall. This whole set of cabinets has a lot of storage space. At least house is small, but storage is still easy.

The area is small, dining room and living room are very small, whole house is paved with wooden floors, and beams have not been removed, so it is also good as a partition.

The TV wall has no shape, although there is no stretch ceiling in whole house, lines of plaster are glued on top surface, and effect is very stylish.

All sofas were bought in a small shop. The small blue Scandinavian style suede sofa is still very elegant.

The dining table and chairs in restaurant are also made in a very simple Scandinavian style. The effect of such a macaron-colored dining chair is not bad, but I'm afraid it's not very stain-resistant!

Kitchen cabinets are also very popular, with U-shaped cabinets, wall and floor tiles in beige tones, and white faux stone countertops to match overall effect of freshness and fashion.

The bathroom is also separated from wet and dry. Although space is small, green bathroom cabinet purchased separately is beautiful and attractive.

The interior of a bathroom with an area of ​​​​less than 2 square meters. m. The walls and floor tiles are small antique tiles, and the combination effect with black shower fittings is quite high.

The master bedroom is small in size, with a bay window that has not been smashed for fear of damaging main structure. It is also good to install a marble countertop in this way, which can be used as a tatami table or a table for storage.

The cabinet is smaller. In addition to entire set of tables and chairs, there is also a set of bunk cabinets on side. The work desk is decorated with industrial-style partitions. Although room is small, two-room function is not bad. This effect costs less than 60,000 for whole package, right?

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