A 91㎡ Scandinavian three-bedroom house was installed for 70,000 yuan. The furniture is beautiful, house is beautiful. The neighbors are jealous.

The new house I bought is a small three-bedroom house of 91 sqm. very compact. Still looks super mini. To save me from worry, I found a furnishing company who did whole package, materials and labor included, total cost is 70,000 yuan, and furniture has not been delivered yet. Now it's a beautiful model home and neighbors are jealous. It's broken, come warm up before you move in!

The layout of house is very clear, entrance hall is relatively narrow, there is a chest of drawers against wall in aisle, and wall is decorated with a photo wall, very artistic and warm.

The dining room is designed with cubicles and depth of cubicles is used on both sides to create two cupboards from top to bottom. It is not only a wall decoration, but also can be used as a sideboard for storage, which is beautiful and practical.

After entrance is living room. The area itself is small. It has a simple stretch ceiling. The background wall has no shape and wall is left blank. There are three decorative paintings hanging on it, which are fresh and elegant.

The living room has a large balcony with a very good view. If not for balcony, then the living room itself would be small, and it would be a shame to look at it. So much better.

The size of kitchen is square and corner cabinets, wall cabinets and floor cabinets are all filled. After all, there is not enough space. If there is not enough storage space, kitchen will be a mess.

The background wall of master bedroom is painted pea green, and bay window is converted into a two-tier chest of drawers that can be used directly as a dressing table, saving a lot of space.

The second bedroom is very small, with a single bed and a closet on one side of door, it is a complete small bedroom that can be used as a nursery.

The cabinet is quite multifunctional, with an area of ​​​​only 7 square meters, tables and cabinets are located by window, and cabinets are installed on rest of walls, it is a complex of a wardrobe and a study.

It is more reliable to separate a dry and wet bathroom. The shower area is directly separated by a glass partition. To ensure bathroom storage, mirrors are installed in mirror cabinets that can store all items that can be used in bathroom! This decoration is still good, right?

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