The classic 98㎡H-type home decoration, custom-made wardrobes for whole house, and tatami combined wardrobe in second bedroom are very practical.

The house is a classic H-type house, with an area of ​​98㎡. Suspended ceilings and shape are all done. Hard finishing and sanitation were done almost a week. The effect of everyday life, girlfriends all praise him for his beauty, whole house is crammed with custom-made cabinets, even balcony does not regret, and many things can also be stored in cabinets. Especially second bedroom is directly built into tatami combined wardrobe, more than 6000 yuan, which is said to be more valuable than buying ready-made furniture. What do you think?

The passage is quite long, walls are not directly deaf, whole room is covered with wallpaper, walls are decorated with plaster, photo wall is also very warm.

This is living room. The ceiling is a popular pool with lamps + ceiling lamp. The background wall of sofa is framed with white wood veneer, pasted with various printed wallpapers. Decorative paintings are also very high class.

The TV wall, like sofa wall, is framed with veneer panels. The TV hangs directly on wall, which is very atmospheric. The furniture is specially purchased in dark styles from solid wood, and combination of shades is also very beautiful.

The restaurant has large windows, but room is still very spacious, floor is tiled with light tiles, and walls are matched with warm-colored wallpaper, overall feeling is very warm.

Looking at living room from dining room, space is still very transparent and light.

From dining room side is kitchen, fitted with a white-framed sliding glass door, and kitchen is inside to keep lighting transparent and oily smoke less likely to escape smell.

The American style of master bedroom is relatively fresh, with warmer tones, warm and cozy.

A tatami combo cabinet installed directly in second bedroom, a double desk, a tatami bed and a wardrobe included, whether it is used as a study or a separate bedroom, it is very convenient to switch.

The kitchen is equipped with L-shaped overall cabinets, wall and floor cabinets are relatively full, there is also enough storage space.

The bathroom is in middle of two bedrooms. The space is small and it just creates a linear arrangement of dry and wet separation. The shower area is not only equipped with glass sliding doors, but also a specially made drainage area on ground, which is non-slip and convenient for drainage. The design is amazing.

There is no waste on balcony. On one side is a washing and drying area, and on other side are specially equipped storage cabinets, which can also help family storage. Here you can store some little things, which is very practical!

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