The family will live in an old and dilapidated house with an area of ​​59 square meters for three generations. This type of repair of a small house can be called textbook level.

For many years I have struggled so that my children do not have to return to my hometown to go to school with my mother, so I bought a used old house of only 59 square meters in suburbs of this city. Although house is not big and internal area is acceptable, it is already very difficult to build a two-bedroom house, and a three-bedroom house is almost impossible. The designer's idea is too powerful. The second bedroom is directly connected to balcony, forming two cabins. This two-room one-room design is too practical, and renovation of a small apartment can be called textbook level!

There is no separate porch at entrance, but there is a ready-made shoe cabinet on side. The price is not high, but still very practical.

The refrigerator is simply placed next to cabinet for shoes. It does not take up much space, so it makes most of space.

Each space after construction is very small, but functional area is still very complete, including dining room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen.

The main bedroom is located on side of dining room. The walls are painted light blue. Ceiling installation is still very expensive. The effect is very beautiful only with plaster turns.

The dining room and kitchen are very close to each other, and kitchen area is less than 4 square meters. The green U-shaped overall cabinet is built, and depth is not usual 600 wide, only more than 500 points, which does not affect storage and work.

Square table is a small square table purchased directly from dining table and chairs, foldable. Usually it is placed on the side without taking up space. It can be fully opened while eating.

The master bedroom has dark mesh on wall and TV also looks very nice against TV.

The bed in master bedroom is also a tall box, there is storage space under bed, and clothes and linens can be tucked away.

There is a double writing desk for study and study near kitchen window, and a whole wall of storage cabinet is installed on side.

Even space in front of door was not spared, and it was built into a small cabinet, which is very spacious for storing all sorts of things.

It's space where second bedroom opens onto balcony, it's a room, but it's a twin bed design, and it's two single beds that don't get in way.

The design of partition in middle is quite powerful, especially old man's bed has a dark compartment for installing backlight, which is much more convenient for getting up at night.

Here is a children's room, a small bed, a set of small tables 500 wide, and only a regular bed 1.2m wide. The design of table and bed is created, and function is super powerful.

The balcony is also directly equipped with wardrobes, which is convenient for storing clothes of elderly and children.

Another wall was also used and a full wall of cabinets was installed. Although house is small, storage space is really very large.

The wall on other side is directly painted with sky blue chalkboard paint, which is not only beautiful, but also graffiti.

The box is installed on one side and washing machine companion on the other, so there is no delay in washing and drying.

The bathroom is just a long strip of space, and washbasin is also made in form of a set of cabinets. The size of this sink is really miniature. I have been looking for this small sink for a long time.

White tiles on walls and a white bathroom, in such a small house, cleanliness and freshness. Three generations live in a small house, not to mention how happy he is!

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