130,000 for 129㎡ three bedrooms and two halls, beautiful and practical, relatives envy after reading

This is second house I have installed and I have enough experience in decorating. Thanks to experience of first finish, I avoided many detours and saved a lot of money this time. The whole decoration is simple and beautiful combination and combination style, beautiful and elegant, whole study room is decorated with tatami mat, which is very practical, and relatives are jealous when they come to visit Wenju, let's show everything at home!

This is a living room and complex shape has long been abandoned, even this simple veneer + wallpaper wall background design still looks good.

The background wall of sofa is just a blank wall, and three decorative paintings hang on it, which immediately looks much more advanced.

The background wall of restaurant is decorated with rhombic mirror glass, which has an expanding effect, and background wall is also very beautiful. !

The dining room also has floor-to-ceiling windows, and a glass sliding door has been installed between dining room and kitchen, making space more open and bright.

Looking at living room from dining room, decoration is very simple and master looks very bright.

The kitchen is equipped with oversized U-shaped cabinets. The white cabinets are paired with gray wall and floor tiles that look fresh and bright.

The whole study room is decorated with tatami mats, there are many wardrobes, bed can not only store things, but also be used as a sleeping place.

This is a bed in an office, a set of cabinets has been specially installed on wall, which is more than enough as a bookcase.

The space in master bedroom is quite large with wardrobes that take up entire wall and plenty of storage space.

The master bedroom also has an en-suite bathroom, which is very comfortable to stay in.

The bathroom is very simple, with a separate shower installed, and walls and floors in shower area are decorated with mosaics, which is beautiful and beautiful.

The second bedroom is a little more elegant, the whole room is white, from floor to ceiling, wardrobes and beds are made of logs, they are warm and cozy.

The guest bathroom area is smaller, and design of direct use of bathtub does not take up space, and there is no problem showering or taking a bath in tub. more convenient for life. I am very satisfied with price and effect of decoration. do you think? is it worth it?

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This is second house I have installed and I have enough experience in decorating. Thanks to experience of first finish, I avoided many detours and saved a lot of money this time. The whole decoration is simple and beautiful combin...
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