The kitchen has been vacated for office refurbishment and restaurant has been combined with kitchen and dining area. A simple 92m² three-bedroom European home stands against sky.

There are still many young people who don't know how to cook. Girlfriends are like that. Occasionally, soup is boiled or meals are cooked at home, mostly Western. Newly bought 92㎡ two bedroom house, two bedrooms are possible, my best friend just wants to self-study. During renovation, kitchen was vacated and turned into an independent office. The dining room and balcony were combined into kitchen. Although it is small, it is very practical. The overall style is decorated in a simple European style. Sacrificing a specialized functional area like kitchen?

The living room is small, floor is paved with marble tiles, background wall is built right into wall of TV cabinet, which is beautiful and practical, even sofa wall is finished with gray-blue wood veneer, Everything is elegant and beautiful, very attractive. Expanded meaning.

The TV wall is very high-end in terms of practicality and aesthetics. The background panel is equipped with a blue hard bag, which is beautiful!

A three-seat light fabric sofa is matched with a set of bright yellow single sofa chairs. The round coffee table is very stylish, simple, but has a very good texture and a very fashionable style.

Looking at dining and kitchen area from living room, whether it's veneer on wall or closet, they're all in this blue-gray tone, and overall vibe is especially luxurious and trendy when combined.

This is a kitchen and a dining table, a small dining table for four people, kitchen is connected to a small balcony, and there is only a small opening to side of window. For families who don't cook much, this kitchen isn't afraid of the fussing, oily fumes.

Despite fact that restaurant is small, it is especially romantic and warm due to small decor and word combinations.

The master bedroom is decorated in blue and red colors. This color has always been very retro and effect is more advanced. Few people can use this color now, but it gives people a kind and cozy silence. atmosphere. .

This is an office converted from a kitchen. The area is not too big. There's a whole wall of bookcases and a set of tables. This cabinet is stylish and made in IT-style.

The children's room is made in general author's design. The wallpaper on wall is especially interesting. The bed is also made in form of a non-standard upper bed and a lower dressing room. A small tent is set up outside, and a small bedroom is full of children's colors.

All bathrooms are marble pattern tiles, mostly dark and light colors, mostly black and white. The shower area is separated by a glass sliding door to create a separation pattern of dry and wet, refreshing and clean, and super practical. Would you donate a kitchen to renovate a three-room apartment?

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There are still many young people who don't know how to cook. Girlfriends are like that. Occasionally, soup is boiled or meals are cooked at home, mostly Western. Newly bought 92㎡ two bedroom house, two bedrooms are possible, my b...
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