Visit light and simple rococo model room, casual and light luxury, no wonder it is praised as latest style of internet celebrities.

In age of Internet, it's always very easy to distribute good things so that more people can see and love them. For example, recently popular new Internet celebrity home decoration style is different from simple and beautiful home decoration style, which is light and has a rococo palace healing style. The style requirements are not high, and cost is also very low, but effect is light and luxurious. Gorgeous, delicate, more and more young people may fall in love with it, during holidays I was lucky enough to visit newly completed light and simple rococo style model room, you can see this temperament for yourself!

The combination of colors is subject to a simple and beautiful style. The sky blue color porch wardrobe is custom made, very elegant, and this style is also style that young people now like blue color veranda, fresh and elegant. design of shoe cabinet and dressing room is especially in line with preferences of today's youth.

The ceiling of living room is made in same simple and beautiful style. This is a back-shaped plasterboard ceiling with hidden light strips inside. The wall with TV does not have a complicated decor. color is very three-dimensional, and combination of colors is also fresh and elegant. The living room is full of laid-back American comfort.

The background wall of sofa and TV wall are also decorated with same line of plaster, which looks fresh and soft. A beige sofa with rivets looks more atmospheric and elegant.

The background wall of restaurant is made in form of a fireplace, because this is a high-rise building, and it is impossible to realize a real fireplace, so this type of electronic fireplace is still very popular.

The ceiling in dining room is made in same style as in living room, and even furniture is matched in same style as rivets. The biggest feature of a large decoration style is that you combine color and furniture. , right?

The details are very well done, even aisle wall is decorated with white wood veneer panels, which is high quality and elegant.

The bookcases in study are all custom made in a blue/gray style, with a slight retro effect, and tone is neither light nor light, very elegant.

The master bedroom is designed in color of a blue lake with a bluish-gray decor, which makes it extremely comfortable and cozy.

This light color scheme is more elegant.

The children's room is mostly decorated in pink, creating a girly princess room

The bay window is covered with cushions that form a table for relaxing, and next to bed are simple tables and chairs. The learning environment is also very good.

The cabinets in kitchen are also custom made in gray and blue tones to match cabinets in office.

The bathroom casket is also custom-made, and light-colored artificial stone countertop is set in white, and gray-white color scheme shows a high-quality texture.

The main bathroom is designed with a bathtub. The space is small, but shallow color scheme is very clean and elegant. Taking a bath in such a bathroom is also a kind of pleasure!

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