80,000 to build a 111 m2 minimalist three-bedroom small apartment, no ceiling and no shape, it is still beautiful and practical.

Over past two years, Scandinavian style in cold colors has been especially popular. The simpler it is, more advanced it looks. The decoration budget of 111㎡ three-bedroom house is small after receiving It is a Nordic style, no ceiling, no complicated shapes, almost four white floors, all-inclusive cost of 80,000 yuan, living room also abandoned spotlights installed in ceiling, and night can have effect of day, wardrobe of TV wall Stylish wall is beautiful and practical, super cool, and high-level completion feeling is self-evident. If you don't believe me, let me show you!

The living room is entirely painted white, without a stretch ceiling, all in black, white and gray, which makes it warm, even if it's cold.

The TV wall is directly decoration of cabinet.

Even aisle is lined with cabinets. The vault is not really closed. These custom cabinets are very economical and neighbors brag that storage is good.

The living room is small, so sofa is also a smaller two-seater sofa, and small furniture makes common space much more spacious.

The restaurant is a separate space with an industrial-style dining table, and even chandelier is made of industrial-style steel pipes. It's very creative and gives a nice effect.

The kitchen is equipped with glass sliding doors that can provide general illumination of space, as well as a separation effect, because for southerners, kitchen fumes are really big and cannot be ignored.

The kitchen is fitted with white oversized cabinets and countertops are gray quartz stone. This gray and white decorative effect is really prettier.

The office is small, but everything is used as efficiently as possible. In addition to the desks and bookcases, there is also an entire wall of cabinets here that can help with storage as well. You could say it's an office. combination of dressing room and office.

The master bedroom is decorated in a minimalist style. In addition to row of wardrobes on side, at end of bed is designed a row of open wardrobes with frosted glass doors, which are very practical.

The second bedroom is quite small and can only accommodate a set of 2 door wardrobes. The tall chest bed bought right in back can store things underneath, almost same as a closet.

The bathroom is a long striped space with windows that can be arranged in a three-tier layout with a dry and wet layout. The hidden water tank installed in toilet is relatively tidy, and countertop can also be used for storage Effect 80000 earned?

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