Spend 30,000 yuan to customize cabinet, capacity is better than anything else, neighbors praise it for its practicality and beauty.

The new house is a compact three-bedroom small house of 106 square meters and it is a high-rise building. The total area is quite large, but layout of space is good. Fashionable Nordic style decoration and an additional 30,000 custom cabinets, finished storage is really powerful, and neighbors praised effect as practical and beautiful after reading!

This is a flat layout from draft to design, and space utilization ratio is quite high.

The overall tone is grey, with a Scandinavian fashion twist, and it's very fresh.

Looking at living room and balcony from entrance side, there is enough light, because there is no dark decoration in whole house.

The cabinets are built into side of sofa, they are all top-to-bottom cabinets that provide ample storage and also serve as wall decoration.

The dining area is a simple log dining table and chairs, and there are card seats against wall that can be used for storage and also used as a sofa, which is very practical.

The bar counter is installed between kitchen and dining room as a partition. It is a kind of food delivery port, which gives it visual feel of a nighttime eatery.

There are no bedside tables in bedroom, it's all bedside tables that are installed upstairs, there is more storage space and space is used to maximum.

The desk cabinet is also mounted on side so you can work together.

The children's room also has a row of wardrobes, and decorations are also loved by children, full of children's colors.

Study and sleep in one spacious building.

The guest room is directly equipped with tatami mats, beds, desks and wardrobes, so it can be used as a bedroom without any problems.

The kitchen is a strip-shaped space, and the L-shaped common cabinet space is just right, which looks neat and majestic.

The washing machine is placed directly on balcony, which is more convenient for washing and drying.

The bathroom is equipped with a glass sliding door as a partition to create a pattern of dry and wet separation. Dark tiles on floor are more resistant to dirt and look very fashionable. Isn't that good? Better to be stronger, don't you think?

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