Simple 124㎡ three bedroom American style, great storage space, especially beautiful and practical balcony.

I bought a new house quite early and project was put on hold. The key was not handed over until May of this year. The house is a three bedroom house of 124 square meters. Not a weird shape. just a simple decoration Yes, just pay attention to storage, set up a lot of cabinets, especially balcony, beautiful and practical, photos after graduation!

Let's show layout first. Three bedroom house layouts are very popular. It is estimated that most three bedroom houses are same. If you like it, you can learn from it!

The hallway's custom-made upper shoe cabinet has a top-down design, leaving room in middle, and can also be used as a table for storage. The floor is covered with a wood pattern. Tiles with a wood grain effect that are easier to care for.

The dining area is furnished with wooden dining tables and chairs, as well as a multifunctional sideboard that has multiple functions including wine racks and slatted cabinets.

The living room is not too big, and balcony is separate. Beige fabric sofa looks very comfortable. The background wall is decorated with just three paintings, which is fresh and fashionable.

The background wall of TV makes sense of design. An invisible door is installed at entrance to bedroom, which looks like a white template on side. Wool fabric.

Looking at dining area from living room, ceiling is fully integrated without any particular styling, which looks pretty good.

This is second bedroom. The entire room is covered in light green wallpaper with a distinct matte feel. The white linens and furnishings are complemented by a pull out sofa on side that takes up no space at all.

The master bedroom is very spacious, background wall is designed as a gray hard bag, there is no false ceiling, and only plaster lines are used in decoration, which is very stylish and stylish.

There are two bathrooms. The main bathroom is designed with a bathtub. Although the area is small, it has full functions and is not compact. The bathtub wall area is not wasted.

The kitchen is a long space with a small U-shaped cabinet built into it. The refrigerator is a two-door refrigerator. It is located at entrance, which still feels a bit compact.

The balcony is most beautiful. The walls are also tiled and gray tiled. There are shelves at back and wall cabinets upstairs. The storage space is really good. Such a balcony is beautiful and practical, isn't it super cool?

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