This set of model rooms is left to buy a house, and a complete set will cost an additional 400,000 yuan Do you think it's worth buying?

When I looked at house, I didn't save enough money. Only half a month later, when I received enough down payment to go as a deposit, I found that house was basically sold out, and only this model number 138㎡ remained. bad, my wife also likes it very much, guys, do you think it's worth buying?

The house is designed in a light and luxurious classic style with a touch of American retro, urban fashion and simple temperament.

The TV wall is finished in marble and metal strips are glued around edge, which makes it look more expensive. With such furniture with super texture, it looks like it has been decorated for millions of dollars.

For overall effect, an end-view platform with a metal bracket is placed on side of TV wall, and small decorations are very high-end.

The background wall of sofa is fully covered with wallpaper. Striped wallpaper creates effect of increasing height of room. To increase storage space on both sides, there are also built-in wardrobes upstairs. memory is still very powerful.

The dining table and chairs in restaurant are also black and white, with classic color scheme looking more advanced.

Outside kitchen there is a balcony with panoramic windows, lighting is very good, two sets of monotonous overall cabinets, and even kitchen is quite spacious and bright.

The bedside backdrop in master bedroom is decorated with voluminous wallpaper that also has a wood texture effect, while frame is decorated with white wood veneer panels and overall nude pink color looks very warm.

For first time I see bunk and bunk beds in children's room, bunk and bunk beds are just so that children sleep, and having a second child in future will not be a problem.

The bathroom is decorated in gray and white with frosted glass installed in middle of bathroom door to provide both light and privacy. It's much more beautiful than alloy door. Do you think this decoration is worth 400,000 yuan? The furniture is still new, but it has been shown to outside world for half a year, what do you think?

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When I looked at house, I didn't save enough money. Only half a month later, when I received enough down payment to go as a deposit, I found that house was basically sold out, and only this model number 138㎡ remained. bad, my wife...
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