I bought a small apartment in city center with the villa money and spent 60,000 yuan to renovate it, which is very inspiring.

I have worked a lot in this big city for 7-8 years, and always wanted to settle here, but price of house is too high. At beginning of year, I finally got this small 45㎡ one apartment. The location is good, in city center, It also very close to company. The key point is that money for house must be placed in hometown and you can buy villa directly. This old set only includes hard and soft furniture and home appliances. It costs 60,000 yuan. It is simple and elegant, and relatives praise it. Promising, so inspiring!

All old houses have this layout. The entrance is kitchen. There is not much space, but layout is very clear. The kitchen and entrance are separated only by a refrigerator. If it's a rough house, there probably won't be that kind of money, it's very simple, it's reconstruction of hydroelectric power station, and the general demolition is very expensive.

The kitchen is very simple, with U-shaped cabinets, plenty of storage space and a spacious worktop that is kept clean and free of dirt.

The bathroom is located on side of kitchen. The space is very small, about 2 square meters. It is separated from wet and dry. The layout of old house is relatively old-fashioned, but still very practical. .

The interior is divided into dry and wet areas, separated by shower curtains, a small toilet and a washbasin, and the shower area is about 600*600 square meters, which is relatively small, but can be completely divided for bathing.

The foyer and dining room are combined, and house itself has a small space. The dining table is a folding style that can be stowed away when not in use, and aisle in middle is also considered spacious.

The bedroom has access to balcony, and space of house is relatively compact, so bedroom and living room are united by the spatial design.

This 13 square meter home combines a living room, bedroom and study. It performs all functions and gives a good effect.

Show front photo of living room, a small two-seat sofa and popular panel furniture. What do you think?

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I have worked a lot in this big city for 7-8 years, and always wanted to settle here, but price of house is too high. At beginning of year, I finally got this small 45㎡ one apartment. The location is good, in city center, It also ...
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