Marble finish too cold? Take a look at this simple European three bedroom apartment, warm and luxurious toning, I love it.

According to most people, marble decoration is usually used in some public places, such as large hotel halls, etc. because American and European styles also use marble Roman columns, giving people feeling that they belong to this style , but with a strong feeling of cold, but it is not. , which is also made of marble Partially finished, but finished effect is warm and luxurious, such a decoration is so beautiful, I like it!

In contrast to traditional European style, which is dominated by golden yellow, light and elegant tones are chosen here, and silver is more luxurious. This is effect of entire dining room. The background wall is wallpapered and then decorated with marble decorative surface, effect is extravagant and stylish.

The TV wall is in shape of a marble Roman column, which is made and installed to order. The size just fits. The background board is decorated with wallpaper that has a strong three-dimensional effect. The marble is also light in color, and it is furnished with white furniture, looks more luxurious and bright.

The background wall of restaurant is directly embedded in shape of built-in buffet, which is beautiful and practical. With a second level ceiling, round dining table makes atmosphere of whole restaurant warmer.

The bedroom is a sleeping area, after all, it has a different function than living room, so frame finish is changed to white veneer, and soft shape of bag makes whole bedroom more comfortable.

All wardrobes are built-in, clean and tidy, storage space is also very good, equivalent to a separate dressing room.

The second bedroom is a nursery, walls of room are covered with textured wallpaper in light colors combined with white and pink, room looks very girly.

Although study area is small, it is well lit and bright, quiet and cozy with a double desk and a set of small sofas.

It's no surprise that a dry/wet separation scheme is being created in bathroom. A glass sliding door is installed as a partition in shower area. which is convenient for storing paper products and toiletries., such a simple European effect is not obsolete even now, right? What do you think?

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According to most people, marble decoration is usually used in some public places, such as large hotel halls, etc. because American and European styles also use marble Roman columns, giving people feeling that they belong to this ...
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