A large three-bedroom classic American-style house with a design cost of 30,000 yuan is a complete win over model number.

Many beautiful and atmospheric home decorations are created by high-class designers. Designers are like magicians turning an empty rough house into a beautiful landscape that is not only livable, but also a work of art. Today, I would like to share with you a set of 143㎡ three-room apartment. The design value is 30,000 yuan. It is made in classic American style, classic and stylish, and effect is simply superior to model number!

This is overall effect of living room. All suspended ceilings are custom made which are very special. The walls of entire house are adorned with wood veneer panels instead of latex paint or wallpaper, which elevates style of the entire space several varieties.

Furniture furnishings have also become more expensive, and all carpets are decorated with Chinese-style copper coins. Will such grandiose American-style elements be more popular among Chinese?

The dining table and chairs in dining room and furniture in living room are all in same series, including fabric cushions of dining chairs, which match sofa, unified and grand.

The kitchen also consists of solid wood cabinets. The floor tiles are same as in living room. All of them are curled with waves. The small blue mosaic tile on wall is paired with black solid wood. cabinets. The kitchen looks luxurious and elegant.

The American-style bar counter is absolutely indispensable, it makes whole atmosphere warm and filled with petty-bourgeois moods.

In this way, a small American-style bar is created in a small corner of house, and you can experience indulgence and ease of home, which is comfortable and bourgeois.

The wall wallpaper in master bedroom has a lighter tone. This diamond-shaped wallpaper is then used as a wall skirt with wood veneer panels. .

The parents' room is very classic. Parents are still very fond of Chinese elements. Chinese elements are not only in living room, but the entire second bedroom is decorated with blue and white porcelain elements, which is classic and trendy.

The office is dominated by blue tones. Blue can really silence people, and office needs that kind of vibe.

Two bathrooms, one with a bath and other with a shower. They are clean and hygienic. You can switch between shower and jacuzzi at will, making life more convenient and comfortable!

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Many beautiful and atmospheric home decorations are created by high-class designers. Designers are like magicians turning an empty rough house into a beautiful landscape that is not only livable, but also a work of art. Today, I w...
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