The small duplex on top floor of 43m2 has been radically redesigned and mini-apartment can also lay claim to trendy style of a small western-style building.

For finishing small apartments, first is to make most of every centimeter of space, and second is to decorate a limited space. From a visual point of view, house should be spacious and majestic, is design and decoration of a small apartment The final chapter ? Today, I would like to recommend you renovate a 43 sqm top floor duplex apartment, area is very limited, but such a mini apartment is designed in Scandinavian style, and finished effect is especially stylish, like a small western. stylish building!

The house is limited, with a building area of ​​43㎡. In fact, interior area of ​​the apartment is smaller. The entrance veranda is designed with a staircase on one side and a veranda on other side. For small apartments, there is also plenty of storage space. Such a deck design function is more advanced, it is a stool for changing shoes as well as a tatami seating area and the shoe closet is not small.

Not only is stairwell turned into a pantry, but steps of stairs are hidden drawers that are very convenient for storage.

Large close up of entrance area, how about this, it looks very spacious.

At entrance is living room. The effect of living room decoration is very pastoral. The area is small and compact. The background wall of sofa has been replaced by a display cabinet all way to top. There are many green plants and potted plants that make room more energetic.

A living room like this really does not look like a small house of only 43 square meters, and a small garden villa in a small western building is nothing more.

This is not only a sofa area, but with a wall cabinet at back, it can be used as a seating area and a reading area.

The TV wall is made in form of a fireplace, not to mention fact that a large TV cannot be placed in a small apartment, this size is just right.

There is a dining room and a kitchen inside, and floor has also been converted from floor to black and white small tiles, which is fashionable and exquisite, and atmosphere is also very bourgeois.

The dining and kitchen area is relatively small and a little compact, but for a modern young family, this is quite enough

Hinged cabinets are mainly used as partitions in house, even bathroom is made of dry and wet separation, and sink is still a two-sink cabinet.

A small space behind glass in dining room has been built into a multifunctional tatami room that can be used as a bedroom and storage space is good. There is also a desk so it can be used as a study.

Downstairs is almost same, bedroom upstairs, one bedroom, one dressing room. Although height of floor is relatively low, it is very dreamy. How many people have had a dream of lying on a bed and looking at starry sky above glass window on roof? The dream came true!

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