80,000 88㎡ two-bedroom simple decoration also looks good, can such a soft decoration give full praise?

When it comes to decorating, most people still think they can save money by spending less money. Many people still respect concept of light and heavy decoration. If an intricate piece of decoration can be kept simple, it should be as simple as possible, with as little style as possible to express a simple aesthetic feeling, but simpler is actually more convenient and better for later soft decoration. Take a look at this 88㎡ two bedroom decor. The hard decor is 80,000 yuan, while soft decor is well done in terms of color matching and combinations, making simple decor look good.

The floor of living room is paved. Looking only at hard part of finish, with exception of set of stretch ceilings in living room, this is due to height of central air conditioner. The rest of wall decoration is mostly unshaped, but overall look is great.

The balcony is open, TV hangs directly on wall, sofa, coffee table and TV stand are all American-style, and even fabric for curtains is blue mesh, with a British-style leisure feel.

All walls are painted in milk tea color, and plaster lines are specially used to create simple lines. The buckskin sofa is in classic American style, and effect is good. On back wall are two retro paintings. further complements bourgeois atmosphere of entire living room.

The TV wall is a monochrome milk tea color wall surface, no decorative modeling, and TV hangs directly on wall, but overall look is not really monotonous at all.

The kitchen is not too big, only about 5 square meters, and it is equipped with white U-shaped cabinets. It is not a big brand, but the design is very comfortable and practical.

The wall wallpaper in master bedroom is very American style, and fabrics for bedding and curtains are boldly decorated in red and blue retro colors, which are high quality and beautiful.

Closet-like wardrobe, bed is also a tall drawer, air support is open, and under it you can also store a blanket and a down jacket for changing seasons.

The second bedroom is similar in size to master bedroom and decorated in a more rustic style. The green bed and furniture are paired with colorful bedding. Entering this space evokes a different mood.

The bathroom itself is separated from wet and dry, washbasin is installed directly outside bathroom, and shower area inside is also separated by a glass sliding door. This kind of general finish only costs 80,000 yuan, and key is to rely on soft finish to maintain appearance of whole house. So here's theme, do you prefer hard or soft decoration?

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