How to install two protections? Wife Turned Main Bathroom Into Dressing Room, And Neighbors Tried To Emulate Her

The new house I bought is a small three bedroom house of 95 square meters, house is actually small but it is also a two bathroom space. My wife converted main bathroom into an independent walk-in closet, which saved a lot of decorating and water and electricity repair costs, and completed functions are more complete, and neighbors are vying to imitate it!

Relatively popular is size of house. The entrance is a large bay window with a built-in wardrobe on veranda, a refrigerator on side and a stool for changing clothes. very comfortably.

The hard finish is not complicated, there are no complex shapes in principle, even ceiling is very simple, and auxiliary finishing with plaster lines makes effect more advanced. The soft finish in the later period is more simple and beautiful, very fresh and fashionable.

Looking into dining and kitchen area, most of the walls are painted with blue latex paint and patterned wallpaper that looks fresh and laid-back American style.

There is no easier wall with a TV. It is directly covered with wallpaper. The TV is hung on the wall.

The background wall of sofa is painted blue and then decorated with white wood lines combined with white furniture and baseboards, effect looks more atmospheric.

The dining table and chairs are same as furniture in living room, they are matched and matched, in a very American style.

The master bedroom is about 12 square meters and space is still very spacious. The wallpaper on back wall is fresh and natural. This green shade is very suitable for this season.

The main bathroom immediately abandoned design of bathroom and turned into a dressing room, there is no need to make a ceiling, waterproofing, change water and electricity, lay wall and floor tiles, which saves a lot of money.

The second bedroom is a little smaller and goose yellow is very girly and my daughter loves it.

I am now pregnant with my second child. This room is used as a nursery. The room is small. At first glance, it looks very quiet, but in fact it is very lively.

The kitchen is a strip-like space, just to create a single overall wardrobe. The area is not large, but it is better in terms of showiness and practicality.

The space on balcony was not wasted, and it was directly built into a simple office. With such 95 square meters, this is not only a three-room, but also a full-fledged dressing room and an office. It would not be an exaggeration to say that this is a five-room apartment.

The rest of bathrooms are not specifically divided into wet and dry areas, but shower area is also separated by a shower curtain. How are two bathrooms arranged?

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The new house I bought is a small three bedroom house of 95 square meters, house is actually small but it is also a two bathroom space. My wife converted main bathroom into an independent walk-in closet, which saved a lot of decor...
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