It took 4 months to complete 96 sqm compact three bedroom project. American style is highly valued and became popular when placed in a group.

This brand new 96 sq. m - first house that I own. This is a compact three bedroom house. I built it myself and it took me four months to see it. Now that project is completed, even soft finish is done. The effect of this American style is still very good. My family and I are very satisfied. After being placed in a group for a long time, it has become popular. Sunshine!

First, let's take a look at floor plan. The house itself is quite small, bedrooms are relatively small, and kitchen is deliberately made open, which makes space much larger.

The entrance group is decorated with white wall panels. There are not only entrance cabinets for storing things, but also a very beautiful background wall. You can feel warmth of home when you walk through door.

The kitchen-dining room is almost a space, kitchen is made open, and bar-island in middle is still very American.

A practical standard for a TV wall is to install a TV stand that runs length of wall, with books stacked on top of it, which is still very effective.

The living room is small but well lit. It has a set of sofas in a fresh sky blue fabric, very warm and soft.

The integrated design of dining room and living room is also beneficial, it seems that whole space has become more spacious.

The dining room is also designed with a card seat against wall and side cabinets are same as TV wall cabinets and can also be used as bookshelves.

Ceiling fans are still a fashionable element of American style.

The kitchen is made open, with a high appearance and spaciousness, especially in keeping with today's fast-paced city life.

The bedrooms are small, with beds and wardrobes, there is almost no other place.

The color combination is same as in living room, with sky blue as main color, which is very soft.

The children's room is only about 5 square meters. The whole house is made of tatami, beds, wardrobes and tables are fully equipped, and functions are very powerful.

The second bedroom is also a tatami common room, which is usually used as a relaxation room and can also be used as a temporary bedroom when guests arrive.

The bathroom is divided into wet and dry, sink is right behind bath, inside there is a separate shower, very clean and refreshing. Isn't this effect amazing?

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This brand new 96 sq. m - first house that I own. This is a compact three bedroom house. I built it myself and it took me four months to see it. Now that project is completed, even soft finish is done. The effect of this American ...
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