90㎡ minimalist Nordic installation in 40 days, whole package costs 50,000 yuan, it is fresh, open, bright and warm.

My child will start school in September, and I'm in a hurry to move, so design is also in a hurry. I started decorating when I received keys at end of June. I have children and I am in a hurry to live, so I did not make it too complicated. One is for environmental protection and other is for saving money, effect of this minimalist Scandinavian style is also good, there is no shape, and whole package costs 50,000 yuan, not including furniture and soft finishes, equipment is also very warm, and effect is impressive!

The floor is tiled in cement color, which is very popular now, and the effect is more atmospheric and fashionable. The walls are painted in light gray tones, which is also very good.

The tone of gray fabric sofa and earth is very harmonious. The background wall is not framed, but decorated with hanging paintings, and effect is very good.

The dining and living areas have floor-to-ceiling windows and balconies, with good lighting and plenty of space.

The simple log dining table and chairs match overall style to look more natural and fresh. The walls are decorated with a grid, and photos hanging on them are very artistic.

The kitchen is equipped with L-shaped overall cabinets and white ceiling cabinets. The partitions of cabinets are very practical, and storage of things can be categorized, which is very convenient.

The end of bedroom aisle is adorned with a hanging painting, and plain wall looks much more advanced.

The master bedroom is almost completely white without any decorations, even bed was moved from original house and furniture is old, also to prevent smell in room.

The curtains are still glued, effect is not bad.

The second bedroom is also very bright, it does not have a specially prepared children's bed, which is good for children to sleep on.

The toilet is separated from wet and dry directly in three stages. The washbasin is installed outside bathroom, while shower curtain and water-retaining edge are installed inside. It seems more practical than a shower room. What do you think?

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