300,000 132㎡ simple, beautiful and Scandinavian style, matching with each other, complete with atmosphere and fashion, comparable to model room.

Renovation is indeed a burdensome thing, but I was very surprised to see a real scene of decorating my cousin's house. Not only do I always see her shopping and having fun, but I rarely see her busy decorating. This is only 2. This month, decoration of 132-square-meter large house was completed, and even soft furnishings were completed. This effect is said to have cost 300,000 oceans and is assumed to be completely covered. The room looks much better. .

The size of house is still very good. It is a large bungalow, on third floor in middle, with a large balcony, very spacious and bright.

The floor of entrance hall is paved with trendy and retro graffiti tiles, which is very striking. There is a wooden partition-screen between entrance and living room, and bench for changing logs is beautiful and practical.

All walls are painted white and log color furniture is light and airy. The floor in living room is completely log which fits in well overall.

This is overall effect of living room. The TV wall is a very practical cabinet design. There is no ceiling, and only lines of plaster are used to decorate it. The effect is immediately upscale and grandiose!

Isn't design of this video wall impressive? It is still very common in Nordic style, effect is very good, beautiful and practical, and storage function is very powerful.

The kitchen is also done in a semi-open style, white wall tiles are very popular now, and combination of black and white looks especially clean.

There are also blinds in dining room and kitchen. The simple log dining table is matched with white memory card holder, which is very fashionable and fresh.

The log floor is paired with white plaster moldings and baseboards, while gray walls look more advanced.

The study area is small, and a simple Scandinavian-style desk appeals to many young people. It will not be difficult for two people to work and study together.

The master bedroom is very spacious and bright with large floor to ceiling curved windows and walls are painted light blue so even if you are reading a book and looking at scenery you will feel super happy!

The design of bathroom is also quite unique: floor is covered with hexagonal tiles, walls below waistline are lined with white brick, above waistline there is waterproof latex paint, clean and tidy.

The design of children's room is also thought out to smallest detail, having a second child is not a problem, tatami mats in general are very practical, and there is a large space for activities, so children can play without problems.

The shared bathroom is also separated from wet and dry areas, with a glass shower room installed. Although area is small, overall layout is clear, stylish and not crowded, which is great!

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