56㎡ from one to two bedrooms, creating a fresh Scandinavian style that can be called a model for decorating small apartments.

At present, small and medium-sized houses in big cities are becoming more and more popular, mainly because total cost of a house is not high, and middle working class can afford monthly payment. More and more small families are choosing small apartments. Take a look at this small house of 56 square meters. One bedroom converted into two bedrooms creating a fresh Scandinavian style. It can be called a model for design of a small apartment for a family of several people. 3. Friends who like it can learn from it!

This is general layout. Do you think types of houses are somewhat similar? Friends who like it can learn from it.

From entrance side of living room and bedroom, walls are painted in light colors, and TV wall is finished with white cultural brick, which makes the small living room much more spacious.

In hallway there is a set of shoe cabinets reaching to top, and dining room is made in form of a terrace, and a wall cabinet has been specially installed, so you don’t have to worry about storage space.

Looking at living and dining rooms from this angle, space isn't really that big, but it's still very compact. A three-seat fabric sofa, dining table and card seat chairs make this space fresh and full of a fashion sense.

There is no false ceiling and a chalkboard wall is installed on side wall, which is very artistic for graffiti or bulletin boards.

Let's take a closer look at restaurant. Even though it is small, several friends can get together.

The kitchen is equipped with small L-shaped overall cabinets, floor cabinets to match logs, and white wall cabinets, hood is also white, which looks very good in combination with whole.

The area of ​​the house itself is small, so it is difficult to divide it into two bedrooms, master bedroom was also greatly reduced, and there is not enough space, not a single point was lost.

The children's room is a space with access to a balcony. To create an independent small room, walls are specially made of soundproof cotton and insulation, otherwise it will be too cold in winter.

In bathroom, dry and wet separation scheme. The washbasin is located directly outside bathroom, and there is very little space inside. Making a glass partition or shower is unrealistic. In future, installing a shower curtain can have same effect Such a small space Do you like type of house ?

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