My husband insists on decorating new house in Southeast Asian style. The whole house is decorated with wood. It costs 300,000 yuan.

My husband has always liked design of house with a touch of Zen, so when we were waiting for design of a new house, we initially discussed Japanese style. After a trip to Thailand, husband insisted on decorating new Southeast Asian style house. After completion, it is amazing. It is also decorated with wood, but effect looks more zen than Japanese style log style, more stylish and stylish. Two bedroom house only 92 square meters seems more luxurious than boss villa when you walk in door. 300,000 Well worth money!

The whole house is finished with wood, air here is not very good, so a fresh air system is installed, and house itself is equipped with underfloor heating, while it is quite roomy.

The dining table and chairs are made from logs in a simple style. Young people love cool industrial style, and my husband is no exception, and chandelier evokes a special feeling. A lamp is installed under partition, and on upper part of partition it is very romantic.

The size of house is small, but it looks spacious mainly due to design of living room, quiet and peaceful elegance.

The gray linen fabric sofa, despite simple style, it is also a big brand sofa, it is quite comfortable to sit on, dining and living rooms are also combined, and there is a bar operating table at end. dining table, it can be used as a western kitchen without any problems.

Whether it's on floor or on wall, almost all panels are veneer, semi-open plan kitchen, gray tiles and white cabinets are more recognizable and overall look won't be as dreary.

A small hidden space behind sofa is an office that can be opened or hidden. Whether you want to work and study in peace, or drink tea and chat, this space is quite comfortable.

Despite fact that area is small, decoration is still full of scholarly temperament and ancient charm. The booths have tatami mat sofas and Duobaoge display cases on side wall. In such an environment, you can quickly work and learn. and calm down quietly.

The decor of bedroom is mostly based on memory to create effect of a hotel in Thailand. The background wall is decorated with beige fabric upholstery, and black glass mirrors are installed on both sides. It's comfortable and elegant. Overall, not great, but very high quality.

The second bedroom is small in size, and wall decoration is combined with dining room and living room, ceiling is decorated with wooden planks, and inverted wrought iron shelf is very creative, platform bed, desk and bookcase are all combined, which saves space. This room is smaller than 6 square meters, and total cost is 300,000. This effect is very impressive?

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