Dramatically changed 59 m2 study room, opened a balcony to separate super bright children's room, this wave of work is too 6

It's not only us, but even parents who are worried about fact that children go to school. The price of a school cinema is really high. Only after sale of a new house of 90 square meters will I be able to buy this house of 59 square meters The office is an old and lonely house. It is not convenient for a family of three to squeeze in. We can spend a little time on finishing. The designer is very good. The bright and bright children's room is separated by an opening Balcony Design It's amazing when it comes out and even more amazing after it's finished We're moving tomorrow, let's show whole house!

This is overall effect of living room. The house is really small and TV wall is such a narrow piece. One side is master bedroom, other is bathroom, and even kitchen is directly made open. A simple set of hanging floor cabinet and washing machine are also hidden under cabinet, which is neat and fast. Although decoration is simple, effect is still very warm.

Looking at living room and dining room from balcony, dining room is also surrounded. The house is too small so storage is difficult. All three sides of dining room, including upper part, are occupied by lockers.

Actually, living room space is very limited, but dining room is open, kitchen is also open, and functional areas are completed. The common space looks quite spacious and can be automatically included in zone. living room visually.

After opening of balcony in living room, it took a bit of living room area to create such a small room of 5 square meters, with one tatami wood bed, a single wardrobe and a desk by window. The children are fully equipped for studying and sleeping. It can also be opened when wooden lattice sliding door is installed, and when closed is an independent space.

The dining room is small, with cabinets stacked on three sides and a tea mirror on back wall that has a reflective effect and brightens up space.

Looking at kitchen and children's room from living room, such a sliding door is still very practical for small apartments, it must be closed so as not to interfere with child's sleeping environment.

The common rooms in older houses are very small, while master bedroom is relatively spacious. Children's clothes can be put in master bedroom even if they don't fit. The bags and ceilings are done and master bedroom is still very stylish.

The bathroom is not bad. Not only is it equipped with a bathtub, but a partition wall has been installed to create an independent shower room. You can switch between shower and bath at will. Although house is small, you can still live quite comfortably. Will you give it up for your children. Has big house turned into an elementary school studio?

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It's not only us, but even parents who are worried about fact that children go to school. The price of a school cinema is really high. Only after sale of a new house of 90 square meters will I be able to buy this house of 59 squar...
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