Can't install a living room? These beautiful living rooms cost less than 1000 yuan, why don't you inquire about it?

As reception area of ​​the home, living room reflects living conditions and tastes of homeowner. While it doesn't have to be luxurious, it does need to be clean and tidy. The editor collects 9 living room designs for you, effect is fresh and high quality, and cost is less than 1,000 yuan. Are you still studying?

There is no need for large ceilings, especially in modern high-rise buildings with limited floor heights. No ceilings, no shapes, no chandeliers and spotlights that have decorative effects and create more atmosphere at night.

If you really want a false ceiling effect, you can also design it like this. Using drywall to create effect of a two-level ceiling, it looks brighter than those heavy false ceilings.

Or don't hang ceiling at all, but immediately go to floor and search Internet for some paintings hanging on wall to decorate.

Both Chinese and American styles can use decorative effect of this wood frame and printed wallpaper. The decorated background wall is high quality and beautiful, and quality has been greatly improved!

There are beams in living room of house, and most people want to cover them with a stretch ceiling. It would cost a lot of money, and it would be very depressing. It would be very good to circle plaster, circle lower edge of beam and decorate upper surface with spotlights


Over past two years, floor-to-wall decoration method has become popular, and there are many styles of flooring, whether it is used in a large area or decorated in small pieces, it is very beautiful.

If you are not making a false ceiling and making a shape, you can also get a very nice effect using only latex paint, but you need to pay attention that latex paint on top surface should be lighter. than color of wall, and color of wall should be lighter than color of floor and furniture.

This is a very classic minimalist living room. The color scheme is black and white. There is no ceiling on top surface. It is decorated only with plaster lines surrounded by black wooden lines. When completed, effect of urban luxury is created. style.

The last option is a very practical design. More families are suitable for this cabinet wall design. It doesn't need to be shaped. This cabinet wall makes most of wall area, it can be stored and has a good wall decoration effect. Cost less than 1000 yuan, which one do you like?

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As reception area of ​​the home, living room reflects living conditions and tastes of homeowner. While it doesn't have to be luxurious, it does need to be clean and tidy. The editor collects 9 living room designs for you, effect i...
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