ins style that exploded some time ago, I like it more when I see it with my own eyes, especially living room is so beautiful

Some time ago Scandinavian style was most popular home style. Virtually many of homes of internet celebrities have been decorated with this effect. It is very fresh and fashionable. I used to watch it on Internet, but now I see real scene The effect is really beautiful, I think you will like it very much too, especially living room and balcony, it's just a small garden.

The wallpaper in hallway is relatively fresh and walnut dressing chairs look very stylish and retro.

This is overall effect of living room, very literary and artistic. The wall is covered with white cultural bricks and built-in wardrobe is purpose built. Popular this year, caramel-colored leather sofa is beautiful, lined with style, and feels very foreign.

The kitchen and dining room are separated by glass doors, effect is fresh and simple. White cabinets are paired with ceramic tiles and countertops are paired with gray quartz stone countertops. It's very stylish and simple, and looks very clean.

The restaurant is located by window, windows are not floor to ceiling, but lighting is very good too. The solid wood dining table and chairs are a bit retro, and dining room has a sense of atmosphere too.

The master bedroom is also equipped with a TV wall. Like wall in hallway, it is decorated with same wallpaper pattern. It is literary and retro, and overall feel is very elegant and comfortable.

The color scheme of children's room is similar to main bedroom: tables and chairs are placed by window, and walls are painted in a gray-blue color, which can especially reflect child's soft character.

The second bedroom is also a combination of a bed and a table. I also like this combined cabinet in bedroom. It is very convenient to work, study and sleep in one space.

The floors of two bathrooms are covered with green tiles, which is very fresh against white bathroom.

What I like most is big balcony. It has a huge space and is arranged like a small garden. All of them are floor-to-ceiling glass windows. The light is very good and it is full of green plants. Sit on rocking chair to read a book and get some sleep, I don't know how comfortable that is!

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Some time ago Scandinavian style was most popular home style. Virtually many of homes of internet celebrities have been decorated with this effect. It is very fresh and fashionable. I used to watch it on Internet, but now I see re...
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