108㎡ hardcover draft was completed in 2 months, not only has three bedrooms, but also two bathrooms.

The new house I bought has an area of ​​108㎡, and construction period is being delayed. Initially, I could get keys at end of November last year, but I only received keys at end of May this year. Due to fact that I was in a hurry to move in in September, finishing time was relatively short. All preparatory work has been completed. On day I received keys, I moved in and started finishing. The house was ready in two months. completed from rough to hardcover and soft finish was ready to dry. Not only three bedrooms but two bathrooms, too comfortable for a family of three, expecting to move in in September.

The decoration style is simple and fresh, more simple and beautiful style, beautiful atmosphere, not complicated, entrance hall is relatively small, a set of cabinets is directly installed, white cabinets with black handles, effect is good.

The shoe cabinet still hides a mystery. You can find out that there is a booth behind shoe closet and a half-open restaurant kiosk is hidden there.

The dining table and chairs are also made in a simple style that is popular these days, they are also popular with young people and look good at home.

The color of living room is relatively soft, blue wall with Tiffany TV, gray wall with self-leveling floor, simple but very expensive.

Looking at balcony from living room, balcony is actually quite spacious, but living room is much smaller, balcony is maximized, and wall cabinets are all upstairs, with powerful storage features.

The other side is a simple shelf that is great for placing potted plants or books.

The kitchen area is small, white I-brick walls, with log cabinets, clean and tidy.

The background wall in master bedroom is quite interesting, and my husband is especially reluctant because people with OCD can't see that kind of unfinished wallpaper effect, can you?

Directly at end of bed is a row of drawers for storage, and it can also be used as a TV cabinet, allowing you to watch TV in bedroom.

The main bathroom is very small and doesn't have a walk-in shower, but this layout is perfect for a drawn shower curtain.

The study room is a custom-made common tatami mat with beds, wardrobes, desks and bookcases. If friends visit in future, this is a private room with a full range of functions.

The hostess of orphanage is pink and kids love this cute effect.

The effect of second fence is very similar to effect of whole. It is a combination of black, white and gray and glass partition is installed as a dry and wet separation. It's neat and fashionable. What do you think about this effect?

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