The new house has just been cleaned after installation. The effect of this hard finish is 98,000. Looks good without furniture

This is first new house I own. The area is small, only 93 square meters. This is a compact three-room apartment. Finishing is a decorative company represented by my colleagues. The service is good and price is relatively reasonable. The whole package includes some Daun 98000 cabinets, now bathroom has just been completed, cleaned and not yet furnished, I don’t know if it’s because of sunny side of house, it’s very light, relatives can’t brag about it when they come to visit, we'll see effect!

At entrance, a custom-made shoe cabinet with top and bottom folding doors, and in middle and at bottom there is a place for slippers, which is beautiful and practical.

The design of living room is very spacious, there is no balcony, so space looks much brighter, TV wall is also grand style, with black wood veneer and marble decorative surface, which is very fashionable.

Close-up of a TV wall, cost is really low, now in 2000, video walls were often built?

The kitchen is semi open plan with no sliding doors, dining and living areas are combined and there is no furniture. Maybe furniture will be a little more compact after filling in, but light looks bright and bright.

The kitchen is a bit of a non-standard shape, cabinets are all custom-made, there is a small balcony for washing machine, because bathroom is quite small.

The size of house itself is not too large. As a three-room apartment, place is a little cramped. The second bedroom is a whole tatami with a desk. This is a room that can be used as an office. or bedroom.

The wardrobe in the master bedroom is designed and custom built by an independent company. It is now a popular style. The inner grille is very convenient and practical.

The second bedroom is relatively small and wall used to create wardrobe is also a bit narrower. The wardrobes in master bedroom and second bedroom are custom-made together, which is practical and fashionable.

The kitchen and bathroom are exactly back to back. The layout of apartment itself is such a layout, and it has not changed. Such a layout is more convenient.

The bathroom is small, less than 4 square meters, and there is no wet/dry shower area, effect of pulling shower curtain will be same in future. How about after such a cleaning, even without furniture, very cool, right? Relatives said they would pretend to be like that in future!

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This is first new house I own. The area is small, only 93 square meters. This is a compact three-room apartment. Finishing is a decorative company represented by my colleagues. The service is good and price is relatively reasonabl...
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