The complete renovation cost 80,000 yuan, did not make any complex shapes, only used wallpaper for a super beautiful finish.

The new house I bought has no decorating experience, so I paid 80,000 yuan directly to decorating company to avoid trouble. The designer is relatively young, but he has rich experience. He likes bright and simple style. He understands my preferences and ideas very well. It's easy to understand, finished scene is almost same as rendering, no complicated shapes are done, background wall is mainly decorated with wallpaper, effect is excellent, fashion and foreign, this is probably what it means, let's show!

The living room does not have a balcony, but bay window is equipped with a marble top and a movable bar table, bay window is also spacious enough to be used as a small tea room.

The background wall of sofa is directly decorated with black and white patterned wallpaper, which looks simple and elegant.

Mostly interior of house is black and white, this color is more classic and attractive, and effect is also very good.

The dining room and kitchen are also black and white, and much of space is adorned with black glass to make it open and bright, as well as creating a separation effect.

The bar counter is also used as a soft partition between kitchen and dining room. The marble bar counter is very fashionable. With lemon yellow bar stools, space is instantly illuminated.

The bedside background of master bedroom is also very popular and simple. The wallpaper background wall is also equipped with a glass surface, which increases capacity.

The kitchen has a semi-open layout, L-shaped corner cabinets are installed. Ceiling cabinets are ready, there is enough storage space.

The side is an open small office that actually occupies only aisle space. It is very creative to place a desk with black lacquered glass and use glass as a partition. The side and ceiling spaces are used as bookcases.

The children's room is relatively small, but bright and spacious, it has a balcony and a desk, which children really like.

The bathroom is not large, but also designed with dry and wet water separation. The small diamond shaped shower has a vanity on side and is set directly on marble. This layer separation effect saves space. And it's also very fashionable. Do you think it's very down to earth?

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