A simple three-bedroom hardcover apartment costs 120,000 yuan, and upon completion of project, monthly rent is 8,800 yuan.

My girlfriend is a very intelligent person. She has a house at home, and dowry prepared by her parents is ready to be repaired and rented out. According to many people, rented house is simply decorated and rented out, but girlfriends do not go usual way, I spent 120,000 yuan on a fine decoration to create an elegant and simple style. Since place is close to university campus, monthly rent of 8,800 yuan is listed in intermediary when it is completed. Who knows that foreign students are rushing to take it off. I'm afraid that if you live in your own house, you will not be so exquisitely decorated, right?

This is a living room, walls are painted in warm warm colors, with warm yellow fixtures and lights, and brand new atmospheric furniture, you feel right at home here.

The TV wall is also made of drywall and a new type of porcelain stoneware. If you do not look closely, you might think that it is decorated with marble. In fact, this is an ordinary porcelain stoneware. price is not high, and laying is easier. The key effect is same as ceramic tiles, like marble.

The entrance to door is relatively narrow, and ground is surrounded by a wavy line that just blends in with baseboard line, which is very fashionable.

Looking across entire living room from dining room, newly refurbished home really does look like a new home and the lighting is good too, making it look very spacious and bright.

Looking at overall effect of restaurant from a different angle, with a very bright window, lighting is very good. The food in this restaurant is very emotional.

The kitchen is equipped with frosted glass sliding doors, which are suitable for Chinese restaurants. It is undesirable to make an open layout, so such doors keep openness and good light.

The kitchen is equipped with white overall cabinets, windows to whole side, and wall is decorated with wave-like tiles, which are still very delicate. Nowadays, young people prefer to start cooking on their own. A kitchen with a good appearance and practicality is indispensable.

The master bedroom has a bay window, background wall is papered, end of bed is also papered, base is floored, and it's all atmospheric American furniture that looks very tall. -end.

The second bedroom is designed as a study, with tatami mats overall, with beds, wardrobes and double tables, so two people can easily fit in it.

The bathroom is also divided into wet and dry, and a smart toilet is specially installed, which is more convenient to use. The floor of shower area is equipped with wooden anti-slip boards to avoid slipping and falling during shower. Such a thoughtful design is still very humane No wonder price rent is high, what do you think?

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