"China's Good Mother-in-Law" Series - 300,000 RMB Three-Bedroom Wedding Suite, Gorgeous and Tasteful

Recently, hottest topic in circle of relatives is family that my cousin married. what big guys worry about doesn't exist. In living room, even decorating does not require hard work from my cousin. The mother-in-law directly threw 300,000 bags into a large bag made by a decorating company. The effect is gorgeous and gorgeous and it's really super tasteful.

The tile on ground is very light, if you don't look closely, you might think it's marble, but it's actually a marble texture, very atmospheric with a dark color waveguide.

The dining room is decorated with a square ceiling with light stripes inside, a square dining table and American style solid dark wood chairs and a leisurely feel, looks very emotional.

The background wall of sofa in living room is classically styled, it resembles a classic Chinese lattice screen, and this group of atmospheric leather sofas is very high-end.

The TV wall is made of marble and wood. She is very gorgeous. There are also ink designs on marble. The natural texture is very natural and it's amazing.

The balcony is open, with floor-to-ceiling windows, with very good lighting and environment of community itself, with green plants and potted plants, balcony also becomes a scenic spot.

This is my cousin's bedroom, master bedroom. The bedside backdrop is a combination of soft and hard bags, and there are tea mirrors on both sides. I am afraid that many families do not have this effect on television walls. such a sense of design.

The second bedroom is mother-in-law's own room, relatively simple and elegant. It has an open balcony, as well as tables and chairs for relaxing. It is very convenient here to read books and enjoy landscape as a place to relax.

A small room made directly from tatami mats with a closet and storage space that can be used as a rest room.

All cabinets in kitchen are custom made by major brands. All cabinets are thickened and doors are made of solid wood. I always find that using solid wood in kitchen is a bit extravagant. sticking smoke stains, not to mention fact that they are difficult to care for, does cabinet deform after a long time? Do you think this house is luxurious?

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Recently, hottest topic in circle of relatives is family that my cousin married. what big guys worry about doesn't exist. In living room, even decorating does not require hard work from my cousin. The mother-in-law directly threw ...
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