Thinking two bathrooms were too wasteful, master bathroom was converted into a walk-in closet and neighbors followed suit.

The new house I bought is 122 sq. master bedroom at barn door Wardrobe is beautiful and practical, much more practical than two bathrooms Even neighbors follow suit after seeing this How do you deal with two bathrooms?

The overall finish is American style. The living room at entrance is covered with wooden floors. A beige fabric sofa is paired with a blue leather one-seater sofa. It is very textured and has a relaxed American style vibe. .

The background wall of sofa is relatively simple. It is directly decorated with plaster lines and hung with three decorative paintings. Everything is not monotonous and it also has a high fashion feel.

Pasted directly on TV wall, wallpaper is a very fresh and retro flower and bird wallpaper that works well and is full of leisure.

The dining room is made of massive American-style wooden dining tables and chairs, there is no custom-made sideboard, but a set of drawers of the same series is immediately placed, which is also very good.

This is master bedroom. There are several walk-in closets all way to top as you walk through door. There was originally a separate bathroom on side, but this was directly converted into a walk-in closet with a barn door. Nice and practical, I think it's better than a bathroom, don't you think?

The second bedroom is designed to be used as an office. It is also made of tatami mat which can be used as a bed. There is also enough storage space. From time to time guests can sleep there.

There is no bay window in children's room itself, and effect of a bay window is also created. Not only is there a showcase open to top, but also a recumbent sofa under window, which is casual and fashionable, and children really like it.

The washroom is directly separated from wet and dry. The washbasin is in aisle, and curved lines are still very strong. Also, a glass partition is installed inside to create a three-stage separation, which is more practical!

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The new house I bought is 122 sq. master bedroom at barn door Wardrobe is beautiful and practical, much more practical than two bathrooms Even neighbors follow suit after seeing this How do you deal with two bathrooms? The overal...
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