40,000 RMB for 92㎡ Scandinavian style wood color, no ceiling, just wallpaper and latex paint.

Adhering to principle of light finishing (in fact, I don't want to spend too much money on finishing), only 40,000 yuan was spent on hard finishing in a new 92 m² house. living room is simply covered with wallpaper with a cultural brick-like texture. , rest of walls are only painted with latex paint, in a fresh and fashionable Scandinavian wood color style, and it gradually looks good on its own.

Attach a floor plan that refers to a compact three-bedroom small house and effect will be quite good.

The background walls of living room are all covered with white cultural brick-like wallpaper, which looks fresh and artistic, and effect is very fashionable.

Movie screens are in vogue now, and a new home is no exception, screens are installed directly, not to mention keeping TV in, and watching TV on big screen is more enjoyable!

The wall from entrance to door is covered with white wallpaper under cultural brick, which is somewhat compact for a three-room apartment.

A drawer is used as a partition between dining room and living room, a soft partition keeps space open, making it larger and more practical.

If you look at living room from dining room, lighting is good, there is no ceiling and styling, but there is a feeling of warmth that cannot be overlooked.

Log furniture makes whole house fresh and natural.

The kitchen is equipped with overall U-shaped cabinets, there is enough storage space.

The master bedroom is very similar to forest: background wall is covered with birch wood wallpaper, combined with beige and gray fabric bed linen, fresh and natural, very cozy.

Although decoration of children's room is relatively simple, contrasting pink and yellow latex paint fills room with vibrant and childish colors.

The glass partition installed in bathroom creates a pattern of separation into dry and wet, there is only one bathroom, area is small, neat and clean, it is very convenient to use.

The balcony is semi-open, with tables and chairs for relaxing, it is very pleasant to sit here, chat and admire scenery! How about if 40,000 spent is worth it? The house does not have to be luxurious, in fact, most important thing is warmth!

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