It costs 260,000 yuan to install a new house according to a typical room, saving at least 10,000 yuan in design costs.

When I first bought house, it was an unfinished house. Two years later, I didn't have opportunity to start decorating house. On same day, administration notified that model room was open. The styles are similar, and it looks much more spacious than neighbor's house. The hard finish cost 260,000 yuan, and purchase of furniture and appliances at a later date cost more than 500,000 yuan. After showing the finished result, my best friend said that I saved at least 10,000 yuan for design payment. !

The floor of lobby is a circle of waves, gray marble tiles are very beautiful, and when you enter door, it feels very atmospheric and stylish.

The restaurant is equipped with a suspended ceiling and a light strip, which is very beautiful. The walls are painted with gray water-based paint, which has a first-class texture. Dining tables and chairs are all European style which is very atmospheric.

My friends say that this sofa is very beautiful, but it's not true, sofa costs tens of thousands. The background wall of sofa is also more beautiful, and they are all screen backdrops. This is completely copied from decoration of model's room, but replaced with a slightly different material, and effect is also very beautiful.

The TV wall is also copied, wood and marble combination, dark solid wood TV cabinet and TV hanging on wall. Although it is installed according to room model, it is really much more beautiful than model number up.

I bought all soft decorations myself, I did not invite a designer for design, color selection is not bad, it looks quite stable.

The master bedroom has a soft upholstered background wall with tea mirror glass on both sides. The room is small and does not look cramped. With a soft European-style bed, the space is elegant and luxurious.

The color scheme of second bedroom is relatively light, and balconies are also open, the overall look is fresher and more suitable for children.

The small room is made of tatami mat, there is a storage space downstairs and a bed upstairs, and there is also a combined writing cabinet, which is very practical.

Kitchen cabinets made to order, not solid wood, but quality is very good. The countertops are made of quartz stone, tiles are also beige. Even exterior of kitchen looks very high. Of course, I'm happy. Design fee. The savings are worth it, don't you think?

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