45,000 full package 76㎡ log style, all furniture is assembled by yourself, the TV wall is probably never seen before

The area of ​​the new house is very small, just a small two-bedroom house of 76 square meters. The finish is extremely simple. We can say that it is completely white. There is no false ceiling, and walls are immediately cleaned to white. No need to worry about formaldehyde. It is environmentally friendly and simple, and saves a lot of money. The cost of latex paint is only 45,000 yuan for whole solid finishing package. The furniture is ordered online and hand-assembled .The most creative thing is TV wall. You may have never seen it on wall right on floor!

The entrance hall and dining room are combined, space is bright and spacious, a set of thin walls is used as a partition, on one side there is an entrance area, a bench for changing clothes is placed, a set of wardrobes in hallway, reaching to the top, are designed to store shoes or clothes More do not worry.

The dining table is also assembled independently. The side window is a combined style of drawer and bar that also assembles. Thanks to this partition, dining room becomes autonomous, which is very practical.

The dining room and living room are combined. Although floor height of house is relatively low, lighting is very good and looks very bright. The wall with TV is directly on floor and on wall, and also matches wood tone of furniture. The effect is good, many have not seen it.

Looking at overall effect of living room from dining room, there are beams on roof of house. Even if there is no false ceiling, it still creates a high class feel.

The house itself is small, there is no balcony, living room is relatively small, house is lit in east, light is relatively strong in morning, there are thick curtains on windows, and the spacious and bright space looks more cozy and atmospheric.

All furniture is purchased in a more subtle and compact style. Next to bed there is a corner space for a set of side cabinets. The simple style is bought online and assembled by me and is relatively durable.

Behind dining room and living room is a passage leading to two bedrooms, a kitchen and a bathroom.

There is an office at end. As a rule, classes are held in evening. This room is called Xizhao. Relatively speaking, this room is more suitable for use as an office. If it's a bedroom, it's cold in winter and warm in summer..

The office has a balcony, which is used for washing and drying. With exception of a set of wall cabinets upstairs for storage, wardrobe and bookcases below are assembled online. Log boards are odorless and very environmentally friendly Storage partitions are also very suitable, effect is good, what do you think?

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The area of ​​the new house is very small, just a small two-bedroom house of 76 square meters. The finish is extremely simple. We can say that it is completely white. There is no false ceiling, and walls are immediately cleaned to...
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