The couple, after 95, changed their 20-year-old ruined house and changed apartments after completion of project. The original owner was shocked.

Actually, decoration is not so much money, but a sense of design. Good design can make a house look brand new, even if layout of house was bad before, it can be fixed. Take a look at this dilapidated house from 20 years ago. The original owner sold it directly to a young couple born in 1995 because it was too dilapidated. They all had their jaws dropped in shock, thinking they had wrong house!

Nothing special, let's move on to floor plan first. The most important thing in finishing a small apartment is layout. Make most of space and make most of practicality of every corner. This dressing room and bathroom are located back to back, and layout is very suitable for a romantic life of two people.

The straight front door has been replaced, which matches overall style very well. The foundation of entire house has been completely removed and redone. Improved spotlights with guide rails distribute light evenly, making room brighter.

The restaurant is made in form of a bar counter, which can be used not only as a dining table, but also as an IT-style workbench. The color-matched Scandinavian-style sofa is also very trendy, and balcony has a tatami floor, which is also a very relaxed reading area.

The size of house is small, but color scheme of log + full-fledged gray makes house much lighter. The lighting of old house itself is in red, but after finishing it is really not dim, but it looks much more spacious.

In terms of layout, there is a bathroom between two rooms, so it is more convenient to use bathroom. The wall and door are combined. After closing door, it really looks like a wall modeling kit, beautiful and invisible. Home is all about adding surprises to life.

The master bedroom is equipped with a built-in log bed, headboard, bedside table, etc., all built into master bedroom, which looks more tidy and atmospheric. The tabletop in the background is also used for storage, which is very convenient.

The wardrobe is combined with the piano room. There are open hangers on both sides, which is very stylish. It is convenient to take clothes, but it is better to wash more often. Is this a Han family? layout?

The walls of bathroom are very individual. They are specially painted to look like cement walls to avoid friction with skin. The surface has also been treated. The tiles on floor are also personalized with collage colored bricks that look neat and tidy. combined with a white bathroom and super stylish. How many people envy such renovation of an old house?

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Actually, decoration is not so much money, but a sense of design. Good design can make a house look brand new, even if layout of house was bad before, it can be fixed. Take a look at this dilapidated house from 20 years ago. The o...
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